We are a low key, private community focused on the principles of freedom and “doing no harm”. Although we have only just slowly begun to welcome new guests and potential residents, our core group of Mexicans and Expat Freedom Refugees have, for more than 2 decades, visited, lived and worked in numerous ecovillages. We have also built and established various community initiatives, natural health and education centres, organic restaurants, as well as organic food cooperatives.

Along our journey we have seen what works and more importantly what doesn’t work in community. From these experiences we have developed a hybrid ecovillage model that caters to the diverse lifestyle needs, hopes and dreams of individuals and families who are seeking a life centered on celebration, good health, tranquility, adventure, security, self-reliance, and of course…freedom.

The dream we were seeking has become our reality.

To be sure that we had finally found the right location, we tested the waters first, for one year and have now bought land. This is where we are living the dream, and building our dream life in community.

Our community is nestled in a mountainous, secluded area close to Bahias de Huatulco in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. We chose this area carefully, after many years of searching dozens of locations. The past 5 years were dedicated almost entirely to exploring and assessing more than 6 countries. Choosing Mexico, it then took 3 years living in multiple states of Mexico, to ultimately, thank God, settle on the location that was perfect for building a new life in community.

You will feel like you have stepped back in time, escaped the tourist traps, yet our location is just 2 hours from “civilisation” as well as 2 hours to Huatulco Airport, with direct flights to Mexico City (USD$70) and the USA.

An abundance of affordable land is readily available here, beautiful waterfalls, clean wild rivers that flow all year, healing hot springs, exotic fruit trees, exotic birds, animals, and coconut tree lined beaches sum up the natural wonders, and opportunities of the region. Our search requirements also included the social aspect. As humans, we need community and connection, safety and security in numbers, therefore it was our priority to nestle ourselves among friendly locals who would welcome us into their community. Our ecovillage is close to, and a part of, this local small village of just 500 people who are the original pioneers who began settling and creating their village almost a century ago. We have much to learn from their skills in living off the land, and living in a close-knit community.


If you are looking for your ideal lifestyle location, or a Plan B, contact us by email

[email protected]

We’ll do our best to answer all of your questions, and we’ll ask you a few questions.

We’ll email you photos of our community, information about how to visit, and the various options for short visits, long term stays, and buying land in the area.

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